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Harlem Hops

About us

From frothy fresh drafts to chilly beers in bottles, we pride ourselves on working with the best local breweries to offer you a bespoke collection of niche, interesting & innovative beers to taste and explore. We are Manhattan’s first 100% African American-owned NYC local craft beer bar.

Harlem Hops has opened its doors with you in mind. We wanted to create a space for you to gather, socialize, relax and enjoy the taste of some of the world's most delicious and hardest-to-find beers.

The concept for this place is years in the making and a dream come true - a product of years of hard work, collaboration and positive thinking. We hope you'll come to support us and help keep this big dream alive.

Why are these beers so hard to find in a bar setting you ask? Because many of these beers are made by local, small batch, family-owned and small businesses and in some great cases, by people of color. Our mission is to invest in our community, to offer great beers made by us and for us, expand access and enjoy good times together, our way.